About my Family


I live on Bodmin Moor, moved here 3 years ago from St Albans, well what a change it has been!

My daughter, is now in her final year in University and working for Luton Football Club, I am now left with my husband and new dogs.

From always having springers or mixed I now am the proud owner of a Bulldog and a French Bulldog.

I am just starting out on the journey on having a litter by my Frenchie, but I want to do it right – I want to be a responsible breeder as they call it. My Bulldogs are my family and as such I want to treat them as such.

This blog is going to be a documentation of the journey – learning what is involved, making things for my dogs and hopefully opening my new business ‘Yoga Dogs’.

Please feel free to share your dogs with me and information as it all helps

Lots of Love

Emily, Grace and Dinky Daisy xxx